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Samuel Keele Pioneer History

Samuel Keele and Annie Elizabeth Hess
Samuel Keele was born 21 January 1816 in Bedford County, Tennessee to Richard John Keele and Nancy Eleanor McCullough, and married 27 March 1847 at Mt. Pisgah, Iowa to Annie Elizabeth Hess born 24 March 1829 to Jacob Hess and Elizabeth Foutz in Washington Twp, Franklin County Pennsylvania.

1842 Baptism

1843 July 3-5 “At a special conference of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, held at the grove, near the Temple, it was decided that the following elders go on a special mission to the following counties in the state of Illinois.” Samuel Keele to Jefferson, John Keele to Perry. (Times and Seasons, Vol.4, Pg.240.)

1844 January 25 Samuel Keele married to Caroline Walker by Hyrum Smith. (We do not know what happened to Caroline, whether she died in childbirth or what.) A Caroline M. Keele received her patriarchal blessing 25 October 1845 by John Smith. She was born 21 December 1825 in Randolph County, Indiana, the daughter of John Walker and Susanah. A John Walker, son of Oliver Walker, who marries Susannah Ennis in Randolph County, Indiana can be found on the Oliver Walker blog. I think this Caroline is Samuel's wife.

1844 June 27 Samuel Keele was a body guard to the Prophet Joseph Smith, and an eye-witness when lightning came from heaven and struck the man who attempted to cut off the head of the Prophet after the martyrdom.

1844 October 8 Ordained by Zerah Pulsipher in Nauvoo 1st Quorum Seventies.

1844 November 17 Samuel Keele obtains Patriarchal Blessing Nauvoo, Illinois.

1845 October 24 Caroline Keele receives her Patriarchal Blessing Nauvoo, Illinois.

          No. 1293     Oct 25th A Blessing by John Smith, Patriarch upon the head of Caroline M Keele, daughter of John & Susanah Walker, born, Decr 21st 1825, Randolph, co, Indiana, Sister Caroline I lay my hands upon thy head in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, & seal & confirm on thee a father's blessing, thou art a daughter of Abraham & of the blood of Ephraim, & thou hast a right to the blessing & benefits of the priesthood in common with thy companion, & all the blessings which were sealed upon the daughters of Joseph I seal upon thee, thou shalt be a mother in Israel, & be endowed with power from on high in company with thy companion, & thou shalt raise up a posterity to keep thy name in remembrance, even a mighty people, & they shalt be held in high estimation among the saints & thou shall have power to heal the sick & to drive the destroyer from thy dwelling, and thou shalt be blest in thy house with health, peace & plenty shall dwell in thy borders, & no good thing shall be withheld from thee, & if thou art diligent in keeping the commandments of the Lord & are one with your companion without discord, thou shalt be saviors on Mt Zion, to save all that you desire to both of the dead & living, bring them up in the morning of the resurrection, & be exalted to reign over them in due time in the house of Israel forever, now sister be patient under all thy trials, never be hasty to give thy opinion upon matters that you understand not, & follow the counsel of the servants of the Lord, & these words shall not fail amen.

1846 January 24 Samuel and Caroline Keele Endowments Nauvoo Temple.

Samuel Keele endowment record Nauvoo Temple

1847 March 27 marriage to Annie Elizabeth Hess Mt. Pisgah, Iowa.

 Life Story of  
Annie Elizabeth Hess
Written for the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers
 presented 11 March, 2013 
Valerie Keele Kortenber 
of Reno, Nevada
" I would love for all of us to know about her life, as much as we can.  I am so grateful for my "trials" and blessings after reading this.  I don't know that I could have survived as long as she did."

1850 Census Dist 21, Pottawattamie County, Iowa- Samuel Keele 33, Ann 21, and Jacob 1 born Iowa.

1852 June 15 Departure Henry Bryant manning Jolley Company
Arrive Salt Lake September 9-15 Samuel (36) Keele with wife Ann (21) and Jacob (1), and parents Richard Keele(67) and Nancy (64), also brother Alexander Keele and wife Manerva and 4 children, brother Thomas Keele and wife Mary, brother Dabney Keele and wife Elizabeth.

1852 September 16 Annie delivered of baby Elizabeth Ellen.

1854 June 24 baby Elizabeth Ellen dies Farmington, Utah.

1860 Census Utah Territory, Sanpete County, North Bend (Moroni) Saml Keel 45, Anna E 31, Jacob 10, Samuel 9, David 6, Mary 4, Wm 2, Emma 6/12, and father Richard next door.

1861 May 26 Samuel Keele baptizes a Stewart child in Milburn Ward, Sanpete Utah.

1870 Census Utah Territory, Washington County, Panaca-Samuel Keel 55, Annie E 41, Jacob 21, David 16, Mary 15, William 11, Emma 10, Hariett 5, Sarah 1. (next door to Luke Syphus)

1875 Nevada State Census Lincoln County-S Keele a Rancher age 59 born Tennessee, A 40 born Pennsylvania, D 20, W 17, E 16, H 10, S 7.

1880 Census Meadow Valley Wash, Lincoln, Nevada- Samuel Keele 62, Anna E. 51, William 22, Harriet 15, Sarah 11.

1885 Probable death of Annie Elizabeth Keele in Panaca, Nevada (some discrepancies have existed in various records including Panaca Cemetery records as the movable type of the tombstone may have been moved by lawn mowers, cows, etc.)

Ann Elizabeth Hess Keele
Born 24 March 1829
Died (after 1880 census)
Buried Panaca City Cemetery, Nevada

1897 April 5 Elder Samuel Keele died in Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, and buried 8 April 1897 in Panaca.

Samuel Keele
Born 21 January 1816
Died 5 April 1897
Buried Panaca City Cemetery, Nevada
(notice movable type above
with incorrect death date)

Obituary of Samuel Keele

May 6, 1897

Samuel Keele departed this life on April 5, 1897 at Panaca, Nevada, one of God’s noblest sons. Samuel Keele, son of Richard J. and Eleanor Keele was born in Bedford County, Tenn. Jan. 21, 1816. His parents were farmers and he learned to till the soil. He heard the gospel and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at the age of 19. He moved to Nauvoo and became a zealous worker in Zion. He was intimately associated with the Prophet Joseph, being one of his body guards. He enlisted in the Nauvoo Legion, assisted in building the temple giving everything that he had then adding to this his labor. It may be said here that his possessions were always at the disposal of the church authorities. Brother Keele moved to Mt. Pisgah and was married to Annie Elizabeth Hess in 1849 and by hiring out as a teamster he was enabled to make the journey across the plains and reached Utah in 1857. Settled on Kay’s Creek where he remained for 2 years, moved to Farmington in 1959, built a home there where he remained but 3 years when he moved to Manti where he built another home to enjoy, but remained only 2 years and then moved to Fairview where he remained until after the Black Hawk War. He was a great peace maker among the Indians and a father to the needy. Brother Keele went as a volunteer to assist in the settlement of the Muddy Valley and go as far as St. George, when he was advised to come to Panaca, Nevada which place has been his home up to his death. Great blessings were pronounced upon his head and his testimony was that Joseph Smith was a true Prophet. He died with a full assurance that his offering was accepted. A few hours before his death he awoke from his sleep with a heavenly smile upon his face and related his vision of a dream. He saw Joseph and Hyrum and others and they informed him that his election was sure. Several times after this he was heard to say, “Death, sweet ‘O sweet”. He was the father of 12 children and has 34 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.

This piece was signed by George Riding.
This was sent to Effie Keele
by La Verl Livingston of Moroni, Utah
a Keele genealogist for a long time.

Contributed by Charles Martin of Hollister, California

Samuel Keele photo family group sheet p. 1
Samuel Keele photo family group sheet p. 2

There were 12 children:
Son John W Keele born 14 March and died 16 March, 1848, in Buchanan County, Iowa.

Son Jacob Keele born 29 May 1849 in Pottawattamie County, Iowa and died 2 August 1925 in Grand Junction, Mesa, Colorado, and is buried in Grand Junction. He married 10 October 1872 Salt Lake City, Utah Melissa Jane McIntosh born 27 June 1853/4/7 West Jordan, Utah to William McIntosh and Marie Caldwell. Melissa died 8 March 1901/2/4 in Burlington, Big Horn, Wyoming. Jacob also married Rachel Briggs, Fannie Evelyn Jones

Children: Maria Elizabeth Keele born 14 August 1873 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married Fredrick Walker Robinson 10 November 1892, and died December 1916/8. Alice Melissa Keele born 16 October 1874/5 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married Richard Burkitt 10 November 1892, died 1919. Alma Jacob Keele born 2 February 1876 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married Dolly Carol Garner 31 December 1901, and died 1 October 1937. William Wallace Keele born Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, and died age 4. Annie Estella Keele born 2 August 1883 Huntington, Grand, Utah, married 25 December 1899 Fruita, Colorado Calvin Huston Kendall born 4 March 1875 Springfield, Missouri to William Kendall and Paulina Yelvington. Annie died 1965. Annie's children: Pearl Elizabeth Kendall born 11 August 1901 Burlington, Big Horn, Wyoming, married Harold William Halstead; Maud Melissa born 27 September 1903 Burlington, Big Horn, Wyoming and died 25 January 1918; William Harrison Kendall born 28 November 1905 Colorado; Ruby Evelyn born 26 September 1908 Loma, Mesa, Colorado; Thelma Nancy Kendall born 17 December 1910 Ogden, Weber, Utah; Cecil Calvin Kendall born 17 April 1913 Cameo, Mesa, Colorado, married Clara Woods; Calvin Husten Wadsworth born 9 September 1918 Lander, Fremont, Wyoming. Lillian Jeanette Keele born 25 December 1885 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married David Weir about 1902. Child: Grace Lenore Weir born 26 December 1904 Burlington, Wyoming, married Laurence Plummer, died 25 February 1952 Stockton, California. Lillian married David Edan Armstrong. Children: Lilly Mae Armstrong born 2 May 1907 Vernal, Utah, and died 25 April 1918 Lander, Wyoming; David Franklin Armstrong born 2 November 1909 DuBuque, Colorado, married Neta Crandall; Herburt Leroy Armstrong born 23 August 1917 Lander, Wyoming, married Susan Hertogue. Lillian divorced, married Aarvid Wiik. Abraham DeLoss Keele born about 1887 Fruita, Mesa, Colorado. Jennie May Keele born about 1890 Fruita, Mesa, Colorado, died at birth. Virgil Vaughn Keele born 26/7 July 1893 fruita, Mesa, Colorado, married Claire Robbins 3 July 1930.

Son Samuel Keele born 20 January 1851 in Pottawattamie County, Iowa and died 4 July 1865 in Harmony, Utah. " There was a man preaching to volunteers, and he wanted them to go to the Muddy Valley now called Overtone, Nevada. Father came home and we all voted to go but my brother Sammy. In April or May, with ox teams we left for the Muddy Valley. I was 10 years old and I walked all the way south as far as St.George. At Harmony, my brother became worn with dropsy and died there. He was also buried there."

"After burying Sammy in June, the head of the mission gave us the privilege of coming to the Muddy Valley, but the Muddy Valley broke up about September, 1865. When my brother Sammy was so feverish, he craved snow and we could see some on a mountain about 10 miles from camp. My father walked ten miles to get snow for Sammy." (History of David Keele)

Daughter Elizabeth Ellen Keele born 16 September 1852 just after her family crossed the plains to Farmington, Davis, Utah, and died 24 June 1854 in Farmington, Davis, Utah from drowning.

Son David Keele born 10 June 1854 Farmington, Davis, Utah and died 28 November 1938 in Caliente, Lincoln, Nevada. He married Eliza Jane Geary (1859-1931) 29 March 1877 in the St. George Temple. Children: Elzada Keele 1878-1914, Annie Eliza Keele 1881-1921, Eathel Keele 1883-1965, John David Keele 1885-1885, Mary Pearl Keele 1886-1889, Jessie William Keele 1887-1904, Leah Keele 1890-1976, George Quincy Keele 1893-1978, Francis Marion Keele 1896-1955, Howard Geary Keele 1900-1988, Ireta Keele 1902-, Orville Keele 1905-1964.
See more at David Keele and Eliza Jane Geary History Blog.

Daughter Mary Elizabeth Keele born 29 May 1856 in Farmington, Davis, Utah and married 23 April 1871 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada William Henry McIntosh born 18 April 1849 St Louis, Missouri to William McIntosh and Maria Caldwell. Mary died 27 February 1916 Henderson, Garfield, Utah, buried Junction, Piute, Utah. William died 28 April 1901 Junction, Piute, Utah, and buried Junction.

Children: Mary Elizabeth McIntosh born 2 February 1872 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married Ernest Cowdell, and died January 1962. William Henry McIntosh born 30 June 1873 St Johns, Tooele, Utah, married Nora May Merrill 18 April 1894, and died 18 May 1942. Infant McIntosh 1874-1877 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada. McIntosh 1875- Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada. Alice Maria McIntosh 1875-1877. Mammie Ann McIntosh born 26 November 1878/9 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married Daniel Lester Sprague, married Sidney Black, married Dave Dunshire, died 22 November 1956. Abram McIntosh born 13 March 1882 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married 3 August 1904 Junction, Piute, Utah Charlotte Ann Davis born 6 September 1884 Summit, Iron, Utah to Alexander Davis and Annie Day. Charlotte died 20 March 1939 Junction, Piute, Utah and Abram died died 4 March 1947 Junction, Piute, Utah. Abram's children: Donald McIntosh born 4 October 1905 Junction, Piute, Utah, married Roda Mat Bird 2 March 1926. Arlene McIntosh born 10 February 1907 Junction, Piute, Utah, married Elston Deon Snow 28 July 1925. Claron McIntosh born 21 September 1911 Junction, Piute, Utah, married Mary Ann Levi 5 August 1936. Wilda McIntosh born 3 July 1913 Junction, Piute, Utah, married Lester Stoker 1933. Glen D McIntosh born 18 September 1918 Junction, Piute, Utah, died 13 July 1930. Dell mcIntosh born 21 April 1924 Junction Piute, Utah, married Betty Vaunqulick 26 September 1946. Olive McIntosh born 25 March 1884 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married Joseph Sylvester Johnson, and died 8 June 1955. Elsie McIntosh born 3 March 1887 Junction, Piute, Utah, married Joseph Ackerman 7 February 1907, and died 28 January 1963. Raymond McIntosh born 30 July 1899 Junction, Piute, Utah, married 24 March 1920 Richfield, Sevier, Utah Telma Clara Anderton born 12 July 1905 Monroe, Sevier, Utah to James William Anderton and Sarah Jane Barney. Raymond died 3 February 1954 East Ely, Nevada. Raymond's children: Margorie McIntosh born 1 February 1921 Marysvale, Piute, Utah married Frank Pope 28 December 1939. Marion Ray McIntosh born 15 October 1922 Marysvale, Piute, Utah married 22 December 1941. Raymond died 3 February 1954 East Ely, Nevada. Arnold J McIntosh born 1 October 1924 Marysvale, Piute, Utah, married Ruby Ellen Rose 18 May 1946. Gile B McIntosh born 6 September 1927 Salt Lake City, Utah, married Josephine Henroid 25 January 1947. Donald H McIntosh born 9 April 1930 Salt Lake City, Utah, married - Stork 19 April 1949. James Kay McIntosh born 8 July 1938 Monroe, Sevier, Utah, married Rosemary Loddy 3 June 1961. Beth Colleen McIntosh born 11 December 1941 Salt Lake City, Utah, married Robert Anthony Pappadakis 11 July 1959.

Son William Keele
born 12 April 1858 in Pontown, now Salem, Utah and died 5 November 1927 in Ogden, Weber, Utah, buried in Panaca. He married 18 September 1893 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada Isabell Liston born 12 November 1873 Meadow Valley Wash, Lincoln, Nevada to William Albert Liston and Avilda Angeline Hulse. Isabell died 9 December 1957 Caliente, Lincoln, Nevada, buried Panaca. William was a rancher, lived in Panaca all his life. He was crippled with rheumatism for more than 25 years. He played the violin for dances with his left hand-was called "left-handed Bill."

Children: Bert Keele born 9 February 1895 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married 6 September 1920 Panguitch, Utah Emma Malinda Jolley born 7 June 1898 Mt. Carmel, Kane, Utah to Reuben William Jolley and Malinda Anderson. Bert's children: Lynn Bert Keele born 17 April 1922 Glendale, Kane, Utah. Marie Keele born 12 August 1924 Cedar City, Iron, Utah. Carl J Keele born 12 January 1929 Cedar City Iron, Utah. Lois Keele born 20 August 1934 Cedar city, iron, Utah. Bert died 30 August 1953. William Levi Keele born 3 September 1896 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married 20 April 1927 Reno, Washoe, Nevada Mary Jane Wilson born 26 December 1894 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Sarah. William died 1968. Nellie Keele born 23 March 1898 and died 29 July 1898 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada. Isabell Keele born 8 July 1899 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married 4 January 1917 Pioche, Lincoln, Nevada Raymond Lloyd Rice born 6 February 1897 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada to Joseph Rice and Josephine Hamblin. Isabell died 1975. Ray died 17 October 1967. Isabell's children: Mae Rice born 12 May 1922 Caliente, Lincoln, Nevada, married Charles Keene, married 18 October 1946 Vernon Everett Miller born 6 august 1916 Prarie View, Kansas to William Krozier Miller and Della Mae Weems, Vernon's child: Raymond Edward Miller born 30 June 1945 Cedar City, Iron, Utah; Mary Louise Rice born 9 September 1925 Caliente, Lincoln, Nevada, married Norman Wallace Blad 30 December 1943, married John Robert Bond 23 August 1952. Jacob Franklin Keele born 8 August 1901 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married December 1929 Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada Helen Lynn Carson born 11 December 1906 Deseret, Millard, Utah to Leanard L. Carson and Stella Lynn Reed. Jacob died 20 December 1959. Jacob's children: Mary Joanne Keele born 1 November 1934 Inglewood, Los Angeles, California. Michael Francis Keele born 7 June 1946 Los Angeles, California. Mable Keele born 25 April 1904 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married 6 December 1923 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada Harold Herman Clapham born 17 August 1898 Fort Smith, Sebastian, Arkansas to Thomas Henry Clapham and Martha Justice. Mabel's children: Dorothy Clapham born 23 august 1920 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married J D Carpenter 14 February 1941. Geraldine Clapham born 29 May 1926 Amarillo, Potter, Texas, married Frank Rex Johnson 25 April 1947. Harold Herman Clapham Jr. born 20 December 1928 Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada. Leonard Thomas Clapham born 4 December 1930 Caliente, Lincoln, Nevada, married October 1959. Leslie Hays Clapham born 5 November 1935 Caliente, Lincoln, Nevada, married June Sadler 26 July. Mable died 1983. Edward Keele born 1 May 1906 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married 16 June 1937 Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada Mary Auffhammer born 12 July 1906 Ogden, Weber, Utah to Leon Auffhammer and Sarah Ellen Carr. Child: Janene Keele born 20 October 1941 Ogden, Weber, Utah. Edward divorced 1944. Edward died 1981. Mary married also Joseph Farr Keller, Lewis B. Van Leuner. Clyde Keele born 2 April 1908 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married 28 December 1829 Pioche, Lincoln, Nevada Alta Genevieve Jeffs born 20 February 1911 American Fork, Utah to John Henry Jeffs and Elizabeth Anderton. Clyde's children: LaVeen Keele born 28 September 1930 Richfield, Sevier, Utah, married 9 May 1954 Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada Charles V Nelson born 21 February 1929 Toledo, Lucas, Ohio to Paul E Nelson and Verna Adcock. Jo Dell Keele born 28 July 1944 Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada. Clyde died 19 January 1965 Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada. Lynn Keele (male) born 6 August 1910 on ranch 10 miles south of Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, and died 6 November 1918 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, buried Panaca. Robert N Keele born 11 August 1917 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married Laura Ellen Lundin born 23 august 1918 Midway, Utah to John N Lundin and Emma Durtchi. Robert's children: Gordon William Keele born 22 May 1941 Denver, Colorado. Marion Louise Keele born 20 November 1944 Wichita Falls, Texas. Loren Robert Keele born 28 October 1946 BelleVille, St Clair, Illinois. Robert died 1996.

Daughter Emma Keele born 12 May 1860 in Salem, Sanpete County, Utah and died 14 February 1921 in Enterprise, Washington, Utah, and buried 16 February in Enterprise. Emma married Henry Joseph Davis (1856-) 7 March 1878 in the St. George Temple. Children: Elizabeth 1886-.

Son Alma Keele born 18 December and died 20 December 1862 in Salem, Sanpete County, Utah at two days old.

Daughter Harriet Keele born 17 August 1864 in Fairview, Sanpete County, Utah and died 11 July 1906 in Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, and buried in Panaca. Harriet married James Hyrum Empey (1857-1943) in St. George, Utah or Salt Lake City, Utah. Children: Martha Elizabeth Empey 1882-1959, Annie Ethel Empey 1883-1892, Edith Harriet Empey 1885-1894, Naomi Dell Empey 1887-1962, Rhoda May Empey 1889-1889, Hyrum L Empey 1893-1964, Inezetta Johnson Empey 1895-1977, Elsie Diantha Empey 1900-1911, Ivan Heber Empey 1904-1911.

Daughter Sarah Keele born 18 August 1867 in Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada and died 23 May 1937 in Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada. Sarah married 25 October 1886 in St. George, Washington, Utah David Thomas Wadsworth born 18 March 1863 Toquerville, Washington, Utah to George Allen Wadsworth and Anne Elizabeth Broadbent. David died 20 September 1935.

Children: Madoline A. Wadsworth born 24 January 1887 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married 15 April 1904 Clover Valley, Lincoln, Nevada William Adair born 29 December 1867 Washington, Utah to John Milton Adair and Eliza Jane Richey. Madoline died 22 October 1960 Caliente, Lincoln, Nevada, buried Panaca. Madoline's children: William Milton Adair born 3 January 1905 Beaver Dam, Lincoln, Nevada, married Ruth Larene Larson 16 October 1929; Ivy Louise Adair born 18 October 1906, married Harvey Clair Edwards 4 March 1926; Clarica Jane Adair born 22 November 1908 Acoma, Lincoln, Nevada, married Harve Tedder February 1927, and died 15 January 1965, divorced; Mildred Adair born 8 June 1911 Clover Valley, Lincoln, Nevada, married LeRay Alexander 11 October 1926, divorced; Elden Merle Adair born 17 June 1913 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married Norma Cutler 16 June 1934. David Alma Wadsworth born 12 December 1889 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married 13 November 1924 Fallon, Nevada Edith Whitehead born 1904 Eatenville, Washington to James W Whitehead and Clara Amelia Talmadge, died 29 December 1928. David's children: Sadie May Wadsworth born 29 August 1925, Fallon, Churchill, Nevada; Nellie Ray Wadsworth born 4 July 1928 Fallon, Churchill, Nevada. Annie Elizabeth Wadsworth born 24 September 1892 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married 3 July 1916 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada Frank Arlington Higgins son of James A Higgins and Rose Atchison. Annie died 28 February 1942. Annie's children: Lillian Higgins born 3 February 1917 Prince Mine, Lincoln, Nevada, married Marvin L black 9 January 1936; Maxine A Higgins born 22 March 1921 Pomona, Los Angeles, California, married Samuel Henry Bailey 14 July 1940. Frank's other wife Lois Bradly Somerville. John Wesley Wadsworth born 1893, died 1894. George Allen Wadsworth born 24 December 1894 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married 15 May 1918 Bessie Maysel Mathews born 15 September 1890 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada to Henry Mathews and Ella Rice. George died 1958. George's children: Luetta Wadsworth born 15 February 1919 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada; Ethelyn Wadsworth born 7 May 1920 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married Clifford Cunningham; Max Allen Wadsworth born 19 November 1921 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada; Norma Wadsworth born 13 August 1923 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada; Rulon Rice Wadsworth born 3 August 1927 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada; Sylvia Wadsworth born 6 September 1929 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada; Marvin Dee Wadsworth born 7 September 1931 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada and died 2 May 1932; Dee H Wadsworth born 10 August 1933 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married 30 June 1956 Caliente, Lincoln, Nevada Jeanett Cole born 20 November 1936 to Lee Cole and Blanch. Dee's children: Gary Dee Wadsworth born 3 December 1957 Caliente, Lincoln, Nevada; Allen Lee Wadsworth born 14 October, 1958 Chino, California. Edwin Leroy Wadsworth born 15 June 1898 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married 25 October 1925 Fallon, Nevada Verona Lillian VanWhy born 17 April 1905 Viator, Colorado to Charles Van Why and Annie Laura Murry. Edwin died 1983. Edwin's children: Edwina Joanna Wadsworth born 19 May 1928 Fallon, Churchill, Nevada; Charles David Wadsworth born 8 December 1930 Fallon, Churchill, Nevada; Ronald Van Wadsworth born 29 August 1933 Fallon, Churchill, Nevada. Ella Rose Wadsworth born 12 March 1899 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married 21 June 1924 San Bernardino, California Ralph Milton Montgomery born 17 January 1889 Pomona, California to Robert Montgomery and Eva Hurt. Ella died 1994. Lillian Luetta Wadsworth born 12 May 1901 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, and died 16 October 1911 or 1915. Arnold Wadsworth born 15 April 1903 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, married 10 December 1928 Fallon, Churchill, Nevada Bernice Opal Woodward born 12 October 1901 Wetmore, Nemaha, Kansas to Robert Stepton Woodward and Addie Gertrude Myers. Arnold died 1941. Arnold's child: Arnold Floyd Wadsworth born 12 July 1928 Winnemucca, Nevada. Milton Wadsworth born 15 September 1905 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada and died 31 August 1906. Franklin Wadsworth born 1907/8 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, and died 1965. Gilbert G. Wadsworth born 31 August 1910 Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada, and died 1973.

Son Hyrum Keele born and died 14 March 1871 in Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada.